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Sparco Victory RS-4 Racing Suit Black Green
Sparco Victory RS-4 Racing Suit
Our Price: $875.00
You need to check out the Wild, Fun New Colors of the Sparco Victory RS-4 Racing Suit! Using exclusive Sparco technology, the Sparco Victory RS-4 Racing Suit is single layer fire resistant suit which has the same level of protection as a multi-layer fabric suit. The Victory RS-4 is the...
Sparco X-Light RS-7 Nomex Racing Suit
Our Price: $1575.00
The popular Sparco X-Light suit has been given an update for 2016! The new Sparco X-Light RS-7 is about 120gr lighter than the previous version. The X-Light RS-7 uses a new lightweight Nomex outer layer along with an ultra-soft inner layer which provides superior fire protection but is...
Sparco Lunargrid RS-6 Racing Suit
Our Price: $1150.00
If you are looking for something new and different - you've found it! The New Sparco Lunargrid RS-6 race suit is your standard lightweight, fire-retardant two-layer suit, but with a kick! It not only features two colors but has two different types of fire-retardant fabric on the outer layer...
Sparco Eagle RS-8 Nomex Racing Suit
Our Price: $1900.00
Meet the Sparco Eagle RS-8 Nomex Racing suit, one of the lightest racing suits in the world. This suit has only one layer but gives the same protection as a multi-layer suit. The Eagle RS-8 is three times more breathable than a standard suit. The HOCOTEX® fabric...
Sparco Extrema RS-10 Racing Suit White
Sparco Extrema RS-10 Racing Suit
Our Price: $2300.00
Sparco hit a home run the Extrema RS-10 Racing Suit. This is the lightest racing suit in the world.
The Sparco Extrema RS-10 is the only single layer suit in the world to pass the FIA 8858/2000 homologation.
Sparco has patented a new technology called HOCOTEX® which revolutionizes the way racing...

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